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Visa Application Tips for Studying in the USA

Many students every year aspire to acquire a student visa that will allow them to study in the USA. Some find the whole process too confusing while others are intimidated by the thought of visa interviews. If you were to ask us, the process can be lengthy, but there are lots of students who successfully get their visa and are able to study in the USA. We have a few visa application tips for studying in the USA that can be useful for you.

1. Filling the Forms

The school or university in which you will be studying in the USA will send you a form known as the I-20 form which will allow them to enroll non-immigrant students. If you are taking part in a student exchange, then you will have to fill the DS-2019 form instead of the I-20. Make sure you read the form properly and then fill it clearly, accurately and completely.

2. Knowing the Fees

Be prepared to pay the fees required for you to acquire the visa. A $200 fee is applied for student visa applicants. An exchange visitor will be paying $180. This fee supports the cost of the computer on which your stay is recorded. It is known as SEVIS. It must be paid at least three days before your visa interview.

The second fee of $160 must also be paid. It is the visa application fee. You can find out details about paying this fee on the website of the US embassy.

3. Prepare For Delays

Via application is a lengthy process. This is why you must apply for the visa at least three months ahead of time. This will give you time to handle delays and help you join the school or university on time.

Once you fill the I-20 or DS-2019 form, it is sent for security clearance. Sometimes, additional screenings are requested for students who have chosen specific subjects. By giving the visa application process adequate time, you will be able to minimize unwanted delays in joining your school or university in the USA.

4. Pick the right clothes for your interview

Your visa interview should be treated very seriously. Choose formal clothes and treat it like a formal meeting. By making a good first impression, you can ensure that the visa officer does not hesitate to clear you.

5. Prepare for your interview

The success of your visa application depends a lot on your preparation for the interview. It is the job of the visa officers to figure out if a person has plans other than education once they enter the USA. Be prepared to answer the following:

6. About your education plans

Your educational roadmap should be very clear. You should be able to answer exactly why you have chosen the subjects and how it will be useful for your future. Also, be prepared to answer what you plan to do after the completion of your studies.

7. Explanation of low grades

Low grades will have to be backed with appropriate explanation.

8. Reason for choosing a particular university

Be prepared to explain why you chose the university or school. You should be able to answer why they stand out from the rest.

9. Reason for choosing the USA for studies

Also have a ready answer for why the USA was better than all other countries, including your own when it comes to studying or for taking a particular educational course.

If you are well-prepared and you apply for your student visa well in advance, then you will find the entire process to be easier and it will cause less anxiety to you and your family.


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