Sample: Study Plan To Pursue a Ph.D Program in Canada

Du Học Hoàn Cầu- My study plan is to pursue a Ph.D. at the x x x University in Canada concentrating on the discipline of robotics. This is a natural progression for me, because I already possess a BA and an MA both related to control, computer science and robotics research. Further evidence of my consistent commitment to and expertise in my chosen field is my position as a Research Assistant for the xxx Mobile Robots (THMR) Laboratory.

Now, after dedicating eight years towards fulfilling my objective of becoming a fully-fledged authority on robotics, I feel well prepared for a doctoral program on the topic. Xxx University offers me the best possible opportunities to acquire leading edge knowledge and later contribute to robotics advancements in Xxxx .

Why come to Canada to study in Robotics at x x x University?

I selected Xxx University because its research focus, facilities and professors are absolutely ideal to help me meet my precise goals. My choice was made after comparing and contrasting carefully several different engineering schools. While many universities conduct investigations into robotic theories, this institution's Faculty of Engineering's specialist trait is research into robots used in industry. Not only will I be acquiring practical knowledge in my specific field, I will also be gaining expertise that is in great demand by industrial sectors in Xxxx .

Additionally, I am attracted to the fact that the Faculty of Engineering holds strong ties with industrial organizations including the C-CORE. The Faculty partners provide substantial funding, advanced facilities and suitable test environments for research into robots. Furthermore, the PhD supervisors are C-CORE Chairs in intelligent systems, which indicate that experts with extensive and pioneering knowledge will appropriately guide my research and use me for excellent projects. I also chose these professors because not only will I be expected to study my particular area, I additionally must acquire a broad education regarding the theory and application of many kinds of robots. Therefore, as I learn widely about ground robots, underground robots and group robots, I will be supervised capably on my area of infrastructure-free mobile robots.

Why not pursue less expensive alternatives in Xxxx ?

Of course, to obtain a PhD in Xxxx  was my first preference because it is my home. I therefore considered applying for the doctoral program at x x x University in Xxxx , especially as I have worked there and it is the leading university in Xxxx  regarding this subject. However, while Xxxx  is cheaper than Canada, the issue of cost did not determine my choice of university. Due to my knowledge and skills, the x x x University in Canada is offering me the necessary financial assistance to fully cover tuition and living expenses.

Most important for me was the right research environment. Sadly, Xxxx  is not the best option presently. I know from first hand experience that while x x x University has the broadest robots research in Xxxx , it mainly focuses on ground level single robots and I already have considerable knowledge of this area. Plus there is the key fact that most of the leading robot professionals in Xxxx  were trained in the west. They left Xxxx  because western countries still hold the finest technology and preeminent teaching. Like them, I wish to benefit from a North American education and put it to good use upon my return to Xxxx .

What is my overall educational objective?

My overall educational objective is to use the PhD as a vehicle to become a world-class specialist in robotics, especially underground robots. Exposure now to cutting edge technological breakthroughs and participation in advanced projects would prepare me for a brilliant long-term career in Xxxx . I will furthermore use my education to help Xxxx  integrate itself with the global academic environment, because I will present papers at seminars and international conferences.

How will this Canadian degree increase my chances in the Xxxx  labor market?

My prospects in the Xxxx  labor market would be extraordinary after acquisition of a PhD in robotics. Robots are vital technological tools for Xxxx  industries and manufacturing, which must upgrade their automation features to keep pace with international standards. To give one example, Xxxx  is investing billions in city subways, and underground robots inevitably will play an important role in their construction.

Because Xxxx 's requirements for robot experts greatly exceeds the number of talented professionals, those in possession of the information on the latest international developments and skills applicable to handle projects at the most challenging level will be in great demand. Furthermore, aside from hands-on knowledge, what I would offer an employer was evidence that I had acquired new concepts, a fresh mindset, the ability to conduct senior level independent research and a broad international perspective.

My competitors – PhD holders from Xxxx  universities - would be able to make less impressive claims in these areas. Additionally, the Xxxx  government encourages returnees with preferential policies, such as ample funds for research and favorable conditions for establishing businesses. I can state with confidence that the Canadian degree would open doors for me – to construction enterprises, research institutions and multinational companies. In Xxxx , they all would view me as a precious potential member of their personnel. A PhD holder from a western country is seen as having a positive impact to play in the development of a domestic organization, not just in their specific job but also their approach to work. PhD holding returnees are valued as being cooperative team workers, forward thinking and highly proactive when faced with challenges.

What ties do I have to Xxxx  that will lead me to return to Xxxx  following my course of study?

I hold plans regarding how I aim to use my degree in the long-term when I return to Xxxx , and have already secured backing from family and colleagues to facilitate their realization. Those plans include using my research findings to establish my own robotics high technology company, with the help of my father and a professor at x x x University. My father is an official with extensive connections, and he is in a position to provide his full support in R & D financing and market development. Through him, I can navigate my way through red tape and meet the people with the knowledge regarding potential business. With regard to the professor, he is my former advisor and my current employer, so we know each other well and have a proven fruitful relationship. He has a track record of completing many successful projects for Xxxx  enterprises, such as the x x x Construction Machinery Group and the x x x Group, and maintains close ties with them, so the likelihood is our reputation will bring good clients.

Alternatively, I will return to x x x University after my degree in Canada, because my ties to this top university are strong. My advisor has said I would be welcome to return, and my target would be to set up a new robot research center at the university. This is entirely feasible due to my contacts. With my advisor's support, the center would attract research funds from leading organizations.

In short, the PhD program at Canada's x x x University serves all of my important short, medium and long-term goals. I will invest all my efforts in research, and then return to Xxxx  for an exciting career.

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