Sample: Study Plan for Study Permit in Canada

Dear Visa Officer:

I am the applicant XXXX, and my English name is XXXX. At present, I am a senior at XXXX University majoring Chinese Language and Literature. At the end of this March, I received the offer of Brock University, and now I am writing to apply for a student permit for further study in your esteemed country.

Reviewing my four years'campus life, I realize that what I have gained is not only accumulation of knowledge but also improvement of both intellectual and psychological quality. I have spent three years in completing four years' credits and kept brilliant academic records ranking top 20%. In the second academic year, now that I passed the entrance examination of Enhancing Class of Literature, I had more opportunities to attend experts' lectures, which inspired my in-depth thinking. Finally, I successfully edited the collection of theses Tansi as Deputy Editor-in-chief.


Besides, I have also done lots of jobs concerning scientific research of students and applied for some research topics for students; my thesis Survey and Research on Imitative Writing of College Students won the third prize in Challenge Cup Thesis Competition. In order to enhance my cultivation of foreign literatures, at university, I have also undertaken lots of specialized courses of Foreign Languages Department including History of English Literature, Selected Reading of English Literature, History of American Literature and so on, which not only satisfied my thirst for literature but also, subtly, enabled me to improve greatly my English proficiency.

Our university is a cradle to cultivate excellent talents, staying where for four years; definitely, I have greatly enhanced professional quality and specialized skills.

I appreciate my parents, who gave me best education all the while. From primary school, junior high school to senior high school, I studied at top schools in my hometown. Here not only provided me with favorable education environment and excellent teaching faculty but also enabled me to know lots of knowledgeable and promising classmates. I have many classmates studying abroad in various countries of the world, encouraged by whom, as well as driven by my intensive thirst for pursuing more knowledge and sensing distinctive cultures and advanced education, I long for studying abroad.


My motherland China boasts a long history of 5,000 years; as a major of Chinese Language and Literature, I understand deeply Chinese traditions and cultures, and I have got affection towards the mainland of our country. In the 21st century, China is in face of infinite opportunities and challenges; definitely, education will play a significant role in the future development of the society. How to make education keep pace with the international development and how to absorb advanced teaching experience in western countries and combine it with the domestic status quo to work out proper education guideline and principles suitable for quality education for our people have become problems calling for great attentions and urgent solutions.


Now that I notice the large developing space, I earnestly hope to further study the program of International Educational Management offered by Brock University in your renowned country, which will be not only a kind of extension of my major study but also a perfect way for me to develop a brand new angle based on the original area. Should I bring in advanced experience of educational management abroad to our country and devote myself to the construction of China, I suppose, it will be of great value and meaning in my lifetime.

Now I submit my application with full confidence in the hope of winning a favorable permit. Many thanks for your kind consideration!

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